All the Condominiums on Brickell Ave

South Florida has experienced a massive real estate boom in recent years. One of the newest neighborhoods to undergo a massive transformation is downtown Miami’s financial district, Brickell. Here are a few of the top Brickell new construction projects that have either just opened their doors or are planning to in the next couple of years.

1010 Brickell Condo

1010 Brickell condominiums are destined to become a major part of the Brickell district. Developed by the Key International and 13th Floor Investments, the condo is set to emerge from a one-acre parking ramp and transform into a luxurious and stylish building. The building will have a variety of family activities and amenities for all to enjoy.

Bond Condo

The neighborhood surrounding the Bond Condo is well-known for shops and dining, and public transportation is just a few steps away. The Rilea Group are the developers behind the project, and are noted in the region for the simplicity of their buildings. Occupancy for Bond Condo started in 2015.


Set for completion in 2017, the Echo will be a tall-standing complex and is being designed by world-famous architect Carlos Ott. The flame-like silhouette of the building will feature a pool surface about 300 feet in the air. A ground-breaking tower in its own right, Echo will offer another 179 units of living space to the Brickell neighborhood.

One Brickell

When it comes to Brickell new construction, One Brickell takes the cake in a variety of ways. Innovative in design thanks to a wave like façade, the building is appealing at least on the surface level. The complex will feature residential units, hotel units, and over 41,000 square-feet of office space and nearly 25,000 square-feet of retail space. It’s set for completion in 2017.

There are many other new construction buildings being developed throughout Brickell but these are the one’s we’re keeping a close eye on.

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